Prayer Walking Krakow, Poland

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I said to John several nights ago, “I feel like I am supposed to walk and pray in the park surrounding the city of Krakow. I then went to bed and listened to my recorded dreams from the night before and I had a dream that I was working and mowing the fence line and it was a hedge that reached into the heavens. In the dream I was blessing and speaking life over this area more than coming against the enemy. This was a confirmation for sure. Then 2 words came right after, that confirmed, along with another dream. My mission has been set. Prayer walking the hedge that surrounds Krakow.

The hedge is a park that circles all the way around the city except right at the castle. You can see the hedge on the map (Picture above), that I discovered after I started to walk and pray. Release life, revival, healing, deliverance, and blessings along the way. Praying, interceding, and believing that this will change a whole city. The castle at the end belonged to the Kings of Poland and this was the capital before Warsaw was. The Kings lived here. I don’t think it is any mistake that I ended up staying in both cities in Poland. (I had no thought of this before, it is just where the doors opened). The former capital and the old capital of Poland, to pray and walk the capital cities. In the map you can see how the main section of Krakow is circled by the green part that is really a paved path of park around the city.

I have been sent here to come against the spiritual dynasties. I was told to “prepare for battle as there are many spiritual dynasties against you”. This has been a primary purpose of this mission all along. And we know the battle belongs to the Lord and He is the victor and victory is surely His!

I never discount the times when I am not in the big churches preaching. I am just as content to walk and pray, breaking down the strong holds, where the real battle exists in the spiritual realm, then I am ministering in the churches. If He says to do this then I will go and do my very best, led by His Spirit. The ministry in the churches is about to begin in Ukraine and the first week, I will be already preaching in the church. But we must prepare and we must break open the heavenly realms where the real battles are taking place so the earthly ones can have great movement. Today I walked 7.3 miles, yesterday 12, the day before 8, and you get the point. Walk the around the city and pray, 2.5 miles each trip. Tomorrow I will rest and attend Church before resuming Monday. My calves are rock hard and need a rest :).

Please continue to pray for us as we are having great victory and God is leading through dreams, words and our hearts. Some sow, others water, and yet others reap. Always be content in all 3 as they are all important. If you sow and water enough you will begin to reap in bounty! Amen and we praise God for all He is doing!

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