Inner Healing

Inner healing is needed in the church and in many Christians. People are hurt, broken, defeated and crying out for help. What if inner healing could be quick and easy with lasting effects because Jesus truly healed the wound? I have seen hundreds of people healed as I ministered to them in this way. Will you be someone that is willing to step out by faith and be trained to minister to others so they can be healed?

Training Christians To Become Inner Healing Ministers

After a number of years of ministering to others up to 60 hours a week, it became very evident there is a tremendous need for the healing of hurting and broken souls.  I have seen people being healed in radical ways that only Jesus can do.  Their lives are changed as they gain new freedom in Christ.  Seeing these miraculous changes in peoples lives convinced me of the effectiveness of inner healing.  Early last year I felt strongly impressed by the Lord to include inner healing as an integral part of the Ministry of Reconciliation (MOR).  Our vision is to raise up inner healing ministers throughout the world.  The Gospel is a free gift from God and we believe inner healing is part of that precious gift.  Freely we have received, freely give!

We have a heart to see people healed emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Psalms 23:3 says He restores my soul.  Another reference for inner healing,  Isaiah 61:1-3, speaks of the anointed ministry of binding the broken hearted, proclaiming liberty to the captives and opening of the prison doors to them that are bound.  We believe inner healing and deliverance will play a major part in the coming revival.  We feel that this great revival is going to bring inner healing and deliverance and Jesus wants His people healed.  It is Jesus that sets a person free from years of pain and hurts that keep them from living a life of an overcomer.  Holy Spirit continues to teach us more about inner healing as we see many people set free from their emotional pain and trauma.   In many cases this can be done in a short ministry session.   Through experience God has given us a Christ centered model we have found to be effective, gentle and non manipulative and the healing is done through Jesus.  He is the healer, He is the deliverer, He is the lover of our souls, so we let Him do the work and people are saved, healed and delivered through Jesus.

 The soul is like a mirror and when the mirror is dropped it fractures into parts/pieces.  In Psalm 23:3 it says He restores my soul.  That is because Jesus came to restore the fractured soul to wholeness.  This method is not the only way to restore the soul or bring inner healing but it is the most effective I have seen to date that can be used by anyone.  I have worked with hundreds of hurting people and have seen them healed in a positive and powerful way.  Healing depends on the person and their willingness to be healed.  People who are willing to trust God for healing are forever changed after an encounter with Jesus!   Watch the videos above with an open heart and then use it so that Jesus can heal your soul, too.  We also have many hours of free teaching that are currently being uploaded to YouTube.  

Ministers Needed

The Ministry of Reconciliation is currently seeking those who are interested in becoming an inner healing minister.

We are looking for people that want to receive personal inner healing and then learn to minister inner healing to others.  This ministry can be done online, with their church or with their family and friends.  All who feel led by Holy Spirit will be requested to take time to watch the inner healing training we provide before you minister to others.  You will receive inner healing from Jesus while you are also being trained and we will patiently work with you while you are learning to minister to others.  We have a team of trainers that are ready and equipped to help you in a breakout room on Zoom.  It will be a safe place to learn, make mistakes and grow.  

Every Thursday evening we have a Zoom meeting, where only persons interested in becoming inner healing ministers, receive both personal inner healing and training as an inner healing minister at the same time.

Will you be the one to say, “Use me, God?”   If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land, Isaiah 1:19.

Will You be Trained to Help Others?

Would you be willing to volunteer to minister inner healing to others so they can be healed also?  You can minister from the comfort of your own home (ex:  One time a week, one time every 2 weeks, one time every month)? 

If the answer is yes, then we want to train you.  Please watch the inner healing training video which will be uploaded to YouTube shortly.  I will post here when upload.  We invite you to contact us so we can get you on the email list to be trained on Thursday nights.