Mission to Ukraine

God placed Ukraine and Kenya on Vince's heart in March 2021. In June of 2022 he went to Kenya for six months. When Vince returned from Kenya, God placed Ukraine heavily on his heart. The war had not yet begun. God's timing is essential so Vince waited until he heard God's plan and direction for the Ukraine mission. The people of Ukraine are now suffering in a time of war. Many are displaced, hurting and have left loved ones behind. Our heart is to share the love of Jesus Christ with these precious people. We plan to help in many ways during our time there. We will partner with churches everywhere we go to help them in their ministry to the refugees. The churches know the needs of the people and we will join with them to help in every way we can.

Due to the sensitive nature of the war, we will not always be able to share information immediately but will share information as we are able. We will be in Ukraine to minister from September through December before continuing our journey into Kenya. God is guiding us to minister in three geographical areas in Ukraine during this time and perhaps more as He leads us. We will be praying and tearing down spiritual strongholds that are coming against this nation, preaching the Word with the signs following and manifesting the love of Jesus every day to many hurting people.

Latest News in Ukraine Mission

Mission Overview

There are many views regarding this war, but one thing is clear to us: The people are hurting and they need help, they need healing, they need deliverance and more than anything…they need Jesus!  We will be the hands and feet of Jesus to spread the good news of the Gospel.  We believe in the prophesy that Kim Clement spoke back in 2014 that war would come, and out of the war, a light will shine out of darkness.  We believe that Light is Jesus and that revival will come to Ukraine. The  Ministry of Reconciliation (MOR) is a revivalist ministry!  Preach the Word and the signs will follow.  People will be delivered, healed (emotionally and physically), spiritually stirred to come alive in Christ Jesus and surrender to Him.  God will use them to pour out His presence to others through them.  That is the gospel of the cross of Jesus Christ.  It is the gift of grace.   

We will take this Light, this Truth, this Savior who is Jesus Christ into  Ukraine and other nations!  

We will post updates on our blog above and pictures in the Gallery as we travel. Please understand we will share as we are able.  Also, please pray for safe passage as we travel.  Prayers are needed for Ukranian and Russian families and their friends who have lost loved ones and been hurt by the war. 

Please follow along as we share more as time permits and as we go deeper into this mission.  There is so much more to come and so many stories of God’s presence and power changing lives.

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