Ministry in Ukraine has Begun

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It has been one week since we have been in Ukraine and ministry has been fast and powerful. After 1 week I have had the opportunity to minister in many churches, homes, and refugee house. It seems every time I have ministered the Lord has confirmed the word with signs following. We have been in a church around 6x this week to minister and there are some days now I will be preaching in 2 churches in one day, especially on Sundays. Ukraine is hungry in the churches for revival and they are crying out for the “more of Jesus”. In this picture you can see a Roma Church I ministered in and although there was a dark presence to begin with, the power of God came during and after ministry. Many were crying and being changed by God’s Word piercing their hearts. Hearts were being healed and prophesy was flowing as God was speaking to his children. Roma is a name for Gypsy and they are being set free from the bondages of the pasts. God is powerful and mighty. I can’t wait to share more of what is happening. Soon….