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We had the opportunity to minister in a home Bible study night and share some testimonies, while we were fed. They group of Polish and Ukrainian, were hungry for more of Jesus and that led to ministry time after we ate. Many came for prayer and there was healing and deliverance. People had things lift off of them as they became lighter. One woman had gallbladder stones and was set for surgery this month. We prayed over her 2 or 3x and each time she felt lighter as something was leaving her and you could see her body reacting to this. The last time we prayed she felt inside of her, in the area of her gallbladder, like something drained. We believe she was healed, but we will try to check in later to see. Sunday when we prayed for 2 ladies with cancer, both were visually encountered by Holy Spirit and we are trusting for healing over cancer for both. We can not verify these things immediately so we will have to wait for results. Praise God for these and more healings that happened. God is so good and Jesus has given us a gift. Let us receive all that Jesus has to offer! Hallelujah!