Going to Krakow, Poland

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After 1 week in Warsaw we are ready to begin the next leg of our journey. We have been putting on miles each day prayer walking and preparing ourselves for this 6 month long journey. Preparation time is never wasted time and we really feel blessed by this week of bonding with each other and the Lord. Tomorrow at 12 noon, we will board a train to Krakow, Poland. This is where real ministry begins with a Church we will partner with for 3 weeks. We will be feeding, praying, ministering, handing out Bibles, preaching, home to home ministry, ect. Our hearts our full of Jesus and ready to give away His love. Last night as I was worshipping to music, I had tears in my eyes. Thank full for all of God’s grace and mercy to send me into the world to minister to His people. Some think I am sacrificing everything, and although that is mostly true, the real truth is I am just blessed to be sent. I am really so thankful and the sacrifice to me, is in leaving my family behind, who I miss so much. All the rest is just an honor and a privilege. Thank you Jesus from the bottom of my heart and thank you family for all your love and support. I love you all!