Ministry at Ukrainian Refugee Camp in Poland

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We visited a Ukrainian refugee camp in Krakow, Poland outlying area. We put on a concert for the children and adults, gave them snacks, drinks and Christian information. I got to minister to them and then pray over Ukraine in agreement with them. This then opened the opportunity to minister individually through my interpreter, Masha. Some were touched, healed, and breakthrough happened. One mother and son were tormented by a spirit that was with them in Ukraine and followed them to Poland. This normally happens when the spirit is on the inside of one of them. It would shut doors, break glass and other things to terrorize this family. The husband/father is fighting on the front lines in Ukraine too. We prayed for him and then I spoke to the spirit tormenting them and commanded it/them to leave in Jesus name. Both had an encounter with Jesus and they both felt something leave them. We talked to the mother some more and she said she had tried to accept Jesus before but nothing happened. Masha led her to Jesus and then I prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill her and she had an encounter with Him. She said she now knows something has changed. This was just one of a few stories that day that happened.

To many times we go to Church and go home to live our lives and nothing changes because even though the word is preached there is no move of the Spirit of God. People are hungry for a move of God where they are encountered by His love and changed from the inside. That move of God is here and it is growing every day. If you are hungry you too can have a move of God in your life. Prepare your hearts for true revival starting within then extending outward. Surrender, repent and be filled with Holy Spirit.