Kenya Mission House is getting completed

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Even while we are here in Poland, the house in Bumala, Kenya is still being worked on. When I was in Kenya last year the Lord spoke to me and gave me a vision to build a house and send missionaries, evangelists and hungry Christians into Kenya. So I came home and shared the vision, not even thinking anything about it and a check for 20k came in. God supernaturally provided, so we broke ground earlier this year, and we began the process. We needed more funding then expected, due to the cost of materials rising with the Ukraine war and inflation. We needed around 6k more to complete the project and furnish it. We collected some additional donations and this week I was given 2k USD more to help complete, so we have a balance of around 2,500k. We are still in need of resources to finish but we are close.

This building will be a place for people to come from all around the world to preach the gospel, lay hands on the sick to see them healed and cast out demons in Jesus name. We are looking for Churches that want to go on a active mission trip where they will be able to preach, organize crusades, go into Kenya prisons and so much more. So many real life and powerful opportunities to flow in the gifts and grow in the supernatural power of Jesus Christ.

This home will have 6 bedrooms (Bunkbed in each room), 6 bathrooms (shower, sink, toilet), living room and kitchen. We have built it to accommodate and make comfortable others who are used to more updated living. The house will hold groups of up to 12 people and present so many opportunities. The devil is fighting against this so hard through witchcraft, but the power of Jesus is winning, as it always does. The devil is so upset that we are coming and building this mission house to bring revival, he knows this will have great power to break the strongholds of the area. His weak hand and plan has been revealed.

We have a team of at least 8 coming in January (plus me) for the first time and we are expecting great things to happen! Please pray for the team, the Church in Kenya, and this ministry as we look towards the completion of this project financially and bring a team that will flow in the gifts and callings of the Holy Spirit. And if you would like to contribute towards this please send a donation in the Give page and earmark it Kenya Mission house. God bless you all. 100% of the money earmarked will go towards this mission house.

Lastly please let us know if your Church would be interested in getting more information and participating in this awesome opportunity to grow in Jesus while spreading the gospel in Kenya. Amen!